Moi Moi(Alele)

Moi moi is a popular nigerian delicacy made from beans,people enjoy moi moi for breakfast, lunch or dinner and is usually acompanied with chilli peppers,sauce,rice etc.Moi moi can be baked or cooked.


  • 3 cups beans
  • 5 red bell peppers.
  • 1 big onion.
  • 4 big stock cubes.
  • 1 spoon crayfish.
  • 4 eggs.
  • salt to taste.
  • 2 medium pieces of ginger.
  • 1 cup palm oil or vegetable.
  • Hard boiled eggs (optional) 


  • soak beans for 10mins wash and remove the beans coat using a mortar and pestle or blender.
  • cook eggs ,peel and cut into desired sizes.
  • now blend/grind the beans with red bell peppers,crayfish,onions,ginger with water.
  • blend till perfectly smooth.
  • now pour the batter into a big bow add the stock cubes and salt,stir.
  • add the palm oil or vegetable oil depending on the one you want to use(make sure the palm oil is properly melted) and stir very well.
  • add more water till you have a smooth running paste or till the thickness meets your desire.
  • grease your moi moi can with palm oil or vegetable oil depending on the one you are using.
  • scoop moi moi paste with a kitchen spoon in each moi moi tins.
  • drop the eggs inside the moi moi tins.
  • pour 1 cup of water in a big pot,the water should be at the bottom of the pot so it dont penetrate and enter the moi moi while cooking .
  • place a smaller pot lid to fit into the pot.
  • arrange the moi moi tins inside the pot,cover with aluminium foil and the pot cover (air should not get inside the pot).
  • cook on high heat till a knife or toothpick comes out clean(add more water if you feel 1 cup will not cook the moi moi.

if you want baked moi moi then skip the cooking part just scoop the moi into the tins and place inside the oven and bake till toothpick comes out clean.