1458665465396Danwake is a local northern delicacy,this is the original recipe but can be substituted with flour,this recipe is just perfect and has the taste of original danwake dumplings.


  • red millet(dawa) 5cups.
  • beans 1 cup.
  • cassava flour 1/2 cup (alabo).
  • boabab leaves powder(kuka) 3 spoons.
  • potash powder 1 tsp ( dissove in 1 cup of water).
  • chilli peppers seasoned.
  • 1 cup vegetable oil


  • mix millet and beans together, grind into smooth powder till perfectly soft.
  • sift the millet powder and discard the chaff.
  • in a medium sized bowl mix the millet powder,boabab powder, and cassava flour.
  • now start adding the potash liquid into the bowl containing millet powder and mix using your hands till you achieve a thick dough(the dough should be as thick as chin chin dough,and add water if you feel a cup of water will not be sufficient).
  • now boil some water in a big pot and while its still boiling use your hands to scoop the dough making small dumplings.
  • keep scooping and throwing the dumplings into the pot of boiling water.
  • the balls should be small in sizes.
  • after throwing in the dumplings allow to cook on high heat for 30mins.
  • after 30mins, drain the dumplings in a colander and pour in a bowl of cold water.
  • drain from cold water using a colander.

serve with small desired amount of oil and chilli peppers,onions,tomatoes and veggies of choice.

Hausa version

kayan hadin danwake

  • Dawa cup 5.
  • wake cup 1.
  • alabo rabin cup.
  • kuka cokali 3.
  • rabin cokali na kanwa.
  • yaji.
  • mangyada cup 1.

yadda za’a hada danwake

  • a gyara waken sai a niqa shi tare da dawan.
  • a tankade.
  • sai akwaba garin dawan da alabo, da kuma kuka.
  • sai a kwaba garin da ruwan kanwa har sai ya hade sosai.
  • sai atafasa ruwan zafi a ringa jefa yayan danwake cikin tukunyan ruwan zafi.
  • adafa har tsawon mintina 30.
  • atsameshi azuba cikin ruwan zafi.
  • akuma tsamewa sai aci da yaji,mangyada,timatir da kuma albasa.