This is a northern snack used for taking fura da nono,its a local recipe and i went all the way to bring it here,ever wondered how fura da nono gets to your table? the answer is here.

  • 4 cups millet seeds.
  • 2 spoons ginger powder.
  • utensils needed are mortar and pestil/blender/grinder.

N:B but for this recipe am using mortar and pestle.


  • pour the millet grains inside the mortar,add half cup of water and pound using the pestle untill the chaff comes off (this procedure is same as removing beans coat so alternatively use a blender).
  • pour the seeds in a tray and allow to dry under the sun for 15mins.
  • after 15mins dust off the chaff(process of moving the tray up and down to breeze of the chaff).
  • discard chaff,wash grains to remove sand particles,drain and put under the sun again to dry for another 15mins.
  • after 15mins pour back the grains into the mortar,add ginger powder and pound/blend/grind untill you achieve finely smooth powder.
  • sift the powder using a siever with tiny holes and discard the chaff.
  • at this stage you would have achieved a smooth millet powder and its time for cooking.
  • boil water and scoop the powder in balls using your hands and press against your palms,drop this balls into the pot of boiling water one at a time.
  • keep scooping and dropping the balls, close and allow to cook on high heat for 30mins.
  • after 30mins it will feel hard,drain and pour back into the mortar,add small amount of the water residue used in the cooking the millet balls and pound .
  • you will notice how dense it will become.
  • keep some powdered millet aside for dusting.
  • now using your hands start scooping again from the mortar and make round small balls out of the dough.
  • always dust your hands  with some powdered millet while making balls to prevent the dough from sticking to your hands.
  • make smooth round balls .
  • now dust some millet powder around the fura balls.
  • serve with nono(cow milk).