Miyar Kuka



This is a popular soup here in the north and common among the hausa people,it is prepared using boabab leaves powder and can be enjoyed with tuwo,semovita,cous cous etc.


  • 1 cup baobab leaves powder.
  • 1/2kg meat.
  • dry fish.
  • 1/2 tsp potash.
  • 5 red bell peppers (blend).
  • 1 piece of dry ginger.
  • 5 pieces of cloves.
  • 1 tbsp powdered iru/daddawa.
  • 1 cup palm oil.
  • 3 stock cubes.
  • 2 atarodo/scotch bonnet.
  • 1 diced onion.
  • salt to taste.


  • grind the daddawa/iru,scotch bonnet,ginger cloves together using a dry mill.
  • wash the dry fish and pick out bones.
  • in a medium sized pot heat the palm oil with diced onions.
  • allow to fry well and add the red bell pepper paste,meat,grinded daddawa,scotch bonnet etc.
  • stir fry this for 10mins or untill you can percieve the aroma coming out.
  • now add some water to desired amount depending on how thick you want your soup to be.
  • allow to boil untill the content of the pot starts to dry up,add salt and stir.
  • now remove the meat from the pot leaving only the stock.
  • add the potash and add half cup of water into the pot this will make the boiling drop and will prevent the soup from lumping.
  • now start adding the baobab powder in bits slowly while you whisk the soup vigrously.
  • whisk very well to get rid of lumps.
  • when you are done whisking pour in the meat and dry fish.
  • allow to cook on low heat for 7mins.