This is a northern type of delicacy made from flour or wheat and can be enjoyed with stew,vegetable sauce or chilli peppers.


  • 2 cups flour or wheat flour.
  • 2 tsp dry active yeast.
  • pinch of salt.
  • 1 cup warm water.


  • in a bowl mix the yeast with warm water and allow to stand untill it forms bubbles this is to show how active the yeast is.
  • in another seperate bowl mix the flour, salt and pour in the yeast mixture into the flour bowl and mix properly.
  • cover and allow to stand in a warm place for 30mins.
  • after 30mins bring out.
  • now start scooping the batter into nylon bags and for this recipe i divided the batter into four equal parts one nylon bag each (i used white nylon leather bags) this packaging is same as packaging moi moi.
  • start boiling some water in a pot and drop the nylon leather bags containing the batter into the boiling water.
  • cook on medium heat .
  • when a knife/toothpick comes out clean its done.
  • serve with sauce of choice,stew etc.