Cashew Fruits Juice


Cashew dey market ooo (in season), do you know that cashew fruits is rich in nutrients and contains 5 times more vitamin c than oranges, it also burns excess fat in the body. I made sure I picked sweet over ripe Cashew for this juice, if you don’t like the astringent taste you can boil it in hot water with salt for 5mins, or steam the cashew fruits for 5mins, or soak in gelatin solution before blending …

5 over ripe sweet Cashews.
1 cup of cold water.
ice cubes.

remove the cashew nuts/wash and blend the cashew with 1cup of cold water.
blend till very smooth.
sieve  and add sugar and ice cubes.
Enjoy NB : I did not use sugar in this recipe but am sure some people likes sugar

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