Nigerian Funkaso

Nigerian Funkaso is a kind of snack mostly enjoyed from the northern part of Nigeria, it’s made from flour and has similar taste with nigerian Puff Puff.


-4 cups all purpose flour. 

-Half cup of beans (grind into very fine, smooth, soft powder). 

-1 spoon dry active yeast 

-warm water. 

-pinch of salt. 

-vegetable oil for deep frying. 


-sift flour, beans powder into a bowl. 

-mix yeast with half a cup of warm (you might need to add more so keep some warm water to close). 

-add a pinch of salt into the bowl of flour. Mix 

-now add yeast warm water into the bowl of flour mixing as you add carefully into a smooth, paste, thickness should be like Akara batter, so it should not be as watery as Puff Puff. 

-mix very well, Cover and allow in a warm place for an hour. 

-After an hour heat some vegetable oil, scoop batter with your hands make a hole in the Centre, it will be sticky but do not worry that’s how it should be so just handle with Care. 

-keep scooping, making a hole in the Centre and keep dropping in hot oil, fry on both sides till golden brown.

-allow to cool down and dip in sugar or serve quite any sauce of choice. 

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