Zobo Drink


This is a nutritious drink made from zobo leaves.


2cups zobo leaves.
1 big cucumbers.
1 whole pineapple.
2 pieces of fresh ginger.

-Wash the zobo leaves and set aside.
-Peel the pineapple do not discard the pineapple bark/coat.
-Cut the ginger into tiny sizes.
-Now in a medium sized pot add the zobo leaves the pineapple bark and ginger,fill up the pot with water and start boiling on high heat until the water starts to dry up.
-Allow to cool down completely.
-Now grate the pineapple and cucumber into the pot containing the zobo liquid.
-After grating sieve and discard the chaff.
-Add sugar to desired amount, add ice cubes/refrigerate and enjoy.

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