Sultan Chips 

Still trying to figure out why this special delicacy is called Sultan chips… Well that’s a different story for another day, here comes the recipe. 


2 spoons peas. 

1 medium sized carrots (chopped). 

6pieces of liver (cut into small sizes). 

Vegetable oil for deep frying. 

6 medium size Irish potatoes. 

Salt to taste. 

1 stock cube. 

1/2 tsp garlic powder. 

1 red bell pepper (chopped) 

1 green bell pepper (chopped). 

1 onion (chopped). 


-heat 2 spoons of oil in a non sticky pan, add little water, garlic, stock cube, liver, curry and stir fry on low heat till the liver is completely tender and the water is completely absorbed (i used 3 spoons of water) feel free  to add more water if you feel 3 spoons will not cook it properly. 

-set the liver aside. 

-peel potatoes cut into desired shape add  salt and deep fry, strain and allow to cool down. 

-heat 2 spoons of oil in a non sticky pan add onions, peas, carrots,red bell pepper, green bell pepper, liver stir and allow to steam on low heat for 3mins. 

-after 3mins add the chips and stir fry for 5mins on low heat again. 


-use scrambled eggs in place of liver as desired. 


Naan bread (Indian version) 

This bread goes perfect with butter, pepper soup or stuffed beef. 


1 spoon dry active yeast 

Quarter cup warm water. 

2 cups flour. 

3 tbsp liquid milk. 

1/2 tsp salt. 

Garlic powder (optionaly). 

1 tbsp sugar. 

Butter for oiling. 


-Dissolve the yeast in the warm water. 

-In a bowl mix flour, garlic, sugar, salt, milk and yeast liquid together, knead the dough and add more warm water if it feels too thick. 

-knead the dough for 5mins. 

-after 5mins place the dough in an oiled bowl, cover and allow to rise for 1hour. 

-after 1 hour knead the dough some more, and cut into golf size balls. 

-cover and allow to rise for 30mins again. 

-after 30mins make medium sized circle out of the balls. 

-heat a non sticky pan and place the  round dough one after the other making sure to brush small butter on the dough while frying, flip and brush some butter it should be on low heat.   

-when brown patches appear it’s ready. 


Extra soft and melts in the mouth easily. 


2cups all purpose flour 

Half cup sugar 

2 spoons  dry active yeast 

2 spoons margarine 

 1 cup warm milk (enough to Knead the Dough) 


-sift the flour into a bowl, add sugar, margarine, yeast  and mix properly. 

-now start adding warm milk in bits to get a smooth stretchy dough. 

-Knead very well 

-it will feel sticky cover and allow to double size. 

-after it has doubled sized knead the dough some more and dust with flour if it feels sticky. 

-dust the work surface knead, roll and cut using a doughnuts cutter. 

-Cover and allow the rise again for 30mins. 

-after 30mins deep fry with vegetable oil lightly on a low heat. 

-allow to cool down and stuff in with jam or honey if you wish using a syringe. 

Fried plantain boats 

This is a delightful breakfast inspired dish. 


2 ripe plantains 

2 eggs 

Vegetable oil for deep frying 

Salt to taste 


-peel the plantains and make a narrow slant cut using a knife at the Centre (this should not be to deep). 

-scramble the eggs and set aside. 

-firstly deep fry the plantains, making sure it is fully immersed in the oil for 30sec on a very low heat. 

-after 30sec  strain from the oil and allow to cool down. 

-now using a spoon follow the path you have already cut into slants and make a narrow hole using a spoon, you must be careful Here and it should not be upto an inch wide. 

-also be sure enough that the scramble eggs will fit in fully when stuffed in. 

-after making the hole deep fry the plantains again on a very low heat till golden brown. 

-allow to cool down. 

-stuff  in the scrambled eggs through the slanty holes, add some ketchup and enjoy. 

Yum yum 

cassava Flour Rolls(kwaskwaro) 

As a kid i enjoy this snack… And growing up i discovered that I enjoy it more… Make some for your kids and let’s here their views. 


2cups cassava flour (alabo in Hausa). 

1 spoon sugar. 

Cold water for mixing the dough. 


-sift cassava flour.

Now mix the cassava flour with sugar and water to form a thick dough. 

-mould dough into cylindrical rolls. 

-deep fry with oil till golden brown and enjoy your snack.