cassava Flour Rolls(kwaskwaro) 

As a kid i enjoy this snack… And growing up i discovered that I enjoy it more… Make some for your kids and let’s here their views. 


2cups cassava flour (alabo in Hausa). 

1 spoon sugar. 

Cold water for mixing the dough. 


-sift cassava flour.

Now mix the cassava flour with sugar and water to form a thick dough. 

-mould dough into cylindrical rolls. 

-deep fry with oil till golden brown and enjoy your snack. 

6 thoughts on “cassava Flour Rolls(kwaskwaro) 

  1. I made this snack over the weekend using hot water instead of cold (my neighbour uses hot water,it didn’t turn out soft.Pls what could have been the problem?


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