Extra soft and melts in the mouth easily. 


2cups all purpose flour 

Half cup sugar 

2 spoons  dry active yeast 

2 spoons margarine 

 1 cup warm milk (enough to Knead the Dough) 


-sift the flour into a bowl, add sugar, margarine, yeast  and mix properly. 

-now start adding warm milk in bits to get a smooth stretchy dough. 

-Knead very well 

-it will feel sticky cover and allow to double size. 

-after it has doubled sized knead the dough some more and dust with flour if it feels sticky. 

-dust the work surface knead, roll and cut using a doughnuts cutter. 

-Cover and allow the rise again for 30mins. 

-after 30mins deep fry with vegetable oil lightly on a low heat. 

-allow to cool down and stuff in with jam or honey if you wish using a syringe. 


3 thoughts on “Doughnuts 

  1. Simple recipe. I guess d yeast is 2 tablespoons, right? and in beef tacos, should the dough be deep fried,since is bent. Thanks for the recipe.


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