In a big bowl
-add 1/4 cup sugar
-add 1tsp dry active yeast
-add 1/2 cup warm milk
-add 50ml water.
-1/4 tsp salt.
-add 1 egg and mix till sugar melts.
-add 1 cup flour.
Mix well
-knead for 5 mins
-add 1/2 tbsp unsalted butter.
Knead dough for 3-4mins.
Sprinkle flour if sticky.
-cover and allow to rise for 30mins in a warm place.
-after 30mins Punch and allow for another 30mins.
-sprinkle dough surface.
-roll using a kitchen pin.
Cut using a doughnuts cutter.
-transfer to a tray and allow to rise in a warm place for 30mins
-Fry on low flame till golden brown.

3 thoughts on “Doughnuts 

  1. Simple recipe. I guess d yeast is 2 tablespoons, right? and in beef tacos, should the dough be deep fried,since is bent. Thanks for the recipe.


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