Fried plantain boats 

This is a delightful breakfast inspired dish. 


2 ripe plantains 

2 eggs 

Vegetable oil for deep frying 

Salt to taste 


-peel the plantains and make a narrow slant cut using a knife at the Centre (this should not be to deep). 

-scramble the eggs and set aside. 

-firstly deep fry the plantains, making sure it is fully immersed in the oil for 30sec on a very low heat. 

-after 30sec  strain from the oil and allow to cool down. 

-now using a spoon follow the path you have already cut into slants and make a narrow hole using a spoon, you must be careful Here and it should not be upto an inch wide. 

-also be sure enough that the scramble eggs will fit in fully when stuffed in. 

-after making the hole deep fry the plantains again on a very low heat till golden brown. 

-allow to cool down. 

-stuff  in the scrambled eggs through the slanty holes, add some ketchup and enjoy. 

Yum yum 

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