150ml vegetable oil 

1 tsp lemon juice 

1 tsp vinegar 

Pinch of salt 

Pinch of sugar

1 large egg at room temperature 


-in a blender break eggs, add salt, sugar,  vinegar, lemon juice. 

Power the blender and keep blending while adding the oil little by little, immediately it turns thick stop adding the oil.  

-stop blending. 

-pour into a container and refrigerate before use. 

-NB:if it feels too watery simply beat 1 egg Yolk and add into the mayonnaise, blend again until you achieve desired thickness. 

Kunun Gyada (Raw groundnuts pap) 

Yet another pap recipe from the north, it’s tasty amazing and very rich.


4 cups dry millet seeds

4 pieces of dry ginger

Half tsp chilli powder.

Half tsp cloves.

3 cups raw kitchen groundnuts (gyadan miya in Hausa).

6 pieces of tamarind (soak in water), when it’s properly soaked soft and discard the chaff.

Sugar to taste.


-remove the millet chaff, add cloves, ginger, and chilli powder,now grind onto soft texture using a dry mill.

-sift and discard the chaff set aside.

-now remove the groundnuts bark, wash with water and grind into smooth running paste.

-in a medium size pot pour in the groundnuts paste, fill up the pot with more water and allow to boil untill it foams and the water starts to dry up.

NB:Remove one cup of millet flour, pour in a wooden calabash, now spray water carefully while shaking the calabash with your hands, it will make tiny balls, use your hands to shape it more. pour the balls into the boiling water, make sure it’s boiling while you pour in and keep boiling till it foams and starts to dry up. PLEASE ignore this procedure if you are not really satisfied with the explanation, this procedure must be done practical, it’s also not necessary in making kunun gyada. Below is a picture of how the balls will look like.

-now using a medium size bucket, mix the tamarind liquid, with the millet powder add more water to make a running paste, stir very well and set aside.

-the boiling water must be ready by now, make sure it foams and also starts to dry up a bit, pour the water into the bucket of millet powder you mixed previously with tamarind, allow to stand for while and stir properly of it feels to thick add little tamarind liquid or water, add sugar and serve.

Oven Roasted Yam with Markerel Fish 


1 medium sized yam 

1 Markerel fish

1/2 tsp garlic powder 

1/2 tsp ginger powder 

1/2 tsp stock cubes powder 

1/2 tsp ground black pepper 

3 atarodo (blend) with one onion 


-Marinate the fish with all the dry ingredients mentioned above and place in the fridge for 45 mins or over night. 

-peel and cut yam into desired shapes. 

-now set the oven to grill and place the marinated fish and yam on the oven rack. 

-grill on both sides till well done. 

-serve with spicy sauce and enjoy. 

Rice Grits (dambun shinkafa) 

Tired of eating rice, this is another way of enjoying it with so many healthy ingredients together. 


3cups of rice

Handful picked and washed moringa leafs or spinach

Handful chopped spring onions 

4 stock cubes 

Salt to taste 

1/2 cup vegetable oil 

1 big onion (diced) 

1 1/2 cup of water 

2 spoons raw ground kitchen groundnuts 

5 red bell peppers 


-firstly ground the rice into coarsely grits using a dry mill. 

-divide the onion into 2 dice half of it. 

-roughly blend the red bell peppers with the other half of the onion. 

-heat the vegetable oil with onions and set aside. 

-now wash the rice grits and drain/strain in a colander. 

NB:i used a rice cooker because it’s has a good steaming capacity, smells, taste, and stress free (but if you do not have a rice cooker simply place little water in a pot, insert a cover lid into the pot in such a way that the water is not visible and will not touch the rice grits while cooking. 

-if you are using a rice cooker set it and pour the 1 1/2 cup of water and pre heat while it’s preheating. 

-mix the rice grits, red bell pepper paste, salt, stock cubes and kitchen groundnuts in a medium size bowl, mix properly with your hands. 

-now pour the mixture into the rice Cooker cover and allow to steam. 

-when it’s halfway steamed add moringa leafs, diced onions and spring onions. 

-keep steaming and if it doesn’t feel soft add more water until you get a soft and tender rice grits. 

-it took me 40 mins to get a soft grits. 

-Garnish with moringa leaf. 

-Serve with the fried oil, peppered chicken or kuli kuli. 


Miyar zogale (moringa leaf soup) 

we all know the benefits of moringa, well why not make some delicious soup out of it. .. Another yummy from the northern part of Nigeria. … Arewa soups. 


Moringa leaf (3 handful) 

3/4 cup of raw groundnuts 

1/2 cup of beans. 

Dry fish 

Meat(with bones) 

4 stock cubes 

Salt to taste 

15 medium sized  tomatoes 

5 red bell peppers

1 big onion 

1/cup palm oil 

1 spoon daddawa (Hausa daddawa powder). 

-firstly pick beans. 

-Blend tomatoes with red bell peppers and onions. 

-pick and wash moringa leafs. 

-Remove groundnuts back and finely blend into powder.

-wash dry fish properly and remove bones. 

-now in a medium sized pot pour 150cl of water, add beans little potash and cook properly till very tender, make sure you have enough water remaining inside the pot of beans /beans stock. 

-now into the pot containing beans and beans stock, add meat and dry fish and cook for 10 mins 

-after 10mins pour in the tomato paste, palm oil and daddawa cook for 20mins. 

-after 20mins add the raw ground groundnuts powder stir and keep cooking, add salt, stock cubes and water if it feels too thick add little water , cook this on low heat for 20mins. 

-after 20mins add moringa leaf and allow to steam on low heat till moringa is soft and tender. 

-serve with tuwon masara, tuwon shinkafa, pounded yam, semovita etc. 

Spaghetti And Potato salad 


1/2 pack of spaghetti/250g

1 handfull chopped green beans 

1 handfull chopped carrots. 

2 big onions. 

3 stock cubes. 

Salt to taste. 

1 tsp garlic powder 

1 tsp curry powder 

6 big red bell peppers (roughly blended) 

Half cup vegetable oil


-parboil spaghetti, drain and set aside 

-in a dry pot heat oil with onions and stir-fry for 1mins. 

-add the red bell pepper paste and stir fry 5mins on low heat and add a cup of water /or meat stock. 

-add stock cubes, curry, thyme, salt, garlic powder stir and bring to boil. 

-now add spaghetti, green beans, carrots stir and allow to steam on a very low heat till the spaghetti is soft, if you feel the water is too small add a little to complete the cooking. 

-boil 2 eggs and serve the spaghetti with potato salad. 

Ingredients for potato salad 

3 big potatoes, peel and cooked 

1 medium sized cucumber 

1 carrots grated 

Lettuce washed and chopped 

1 spoon mayonnaise. 

1 boiled egg 

A pinch of ground black pepper 

1 spoon salad cream. 


Simply cut the veggies the into desired sizes, and mix all the ingredients mentioned above in a sale bowl, peel and cut eggs into cube sizes and serve with spaghetti. 

Shinkafa Da Wake da Mai da yaji (meaning a combination of rice, beans, and chilli peppers) 

this is a local way of preparing rice and beans in the north, it will give you a beautiful light colour and is best enjoyed with fried oil, chilli peppers and little seasoning. 


2cups of rice 

1 1/2 cup of beans 


Chilli peppers (powdered and well seasoned) 

Vegetable oil fried with onion 


-Parboil rice wash drain and set aside 

-Now cook the beans with enough water. 

-When you are sure that the beans is 70% cooked and there is enough water left in the beans that will complete the cooking for both rice and beans, if not add more water to the pot of beans. 

-Pour in the parboiled rice into the pot of beans add little salt, stir and allow to cook till tender and soft. 

-The colour of the mixture will look dark because of the beans stock you used to finish the cooking. 

-Now serve with chilli peppers and oil. 

Fish pie 

Try this fish pie recipe and let your family drool over it this weekend. 

Ingredients for the dough 

Three cups all purpose flour. 

Pinch of salt. 

1/2 tsp baking powder. 

4 tbsp margarine. 

1 whisked egg for wash. 

Ingredients for the filling 

1 tin sardine. 

1 chopped onion. 

1 chopped red bell pepper. 

1/2 tsp garlic powder. 

Little stock cube to taste. 
Procedure to make the filling

-open the sardine tin and separate the oil from the sardine and fish. 

-heat the oil from the sardine with onion, add the red bell pepper and stir fry 3mins on low heat. 

-now add the sardine, stock cube and garlic powder, mash the sardine properly and stir fry for another 5mins. 

-allow the cold down completely. 
        Procedure to make the dough 

-simply sift the flour in a bowl, add the baking powder,salt and margarine mix properly till well incoperated. 

-now start adding water in bits and slowly and gently mix the dough till you get a thick soft and smooth dough. 

-allow to stand for 5mins. 

-divide the dough into 6 balls. 

-pick each one at a time and flatten on the work top using a rolling pin. 

-roll into flat circles and use a pot cover, press against the flat dough to get an exact circle shape. 

-fill in with the sardine, cover from one edge to the other end, pinch the edges with a fork. 

-Grease the oven tray with margarine and arrange the pie. 

-egg wash the pie and bake till lightly browned.