Miyar zogale (moringa leaf soup) 

we all know the benefits of moringa, well why not make some delicious soup out of it. .. Another yummy from the northern part of Nigeria. … Arewa soups. 


Moringa leaf (3 handful) 

3/4 cup of raw groundnuts 

1/2 cup of beans. 

Dry fish 

Meat(with bones) 

4 stock cubes 

Salt to taste 

15 medium sized  tomatoes 

5 red bell peppers

1 big onion 

1/cup palm oil 

1 spoon daddawa (Hausa daddawa powder). 

-firstly pick beans. 

-Blend tomatoes with red bell peppers and onions. 

-pick and wash moringa leafs. 

-Remove groundnuts back and finely blend into powder.

-wash dry fish properly and remove bones. 

-now in a medium sized pot pour 150cl of water, add beans little potash and cook properly till very tender, make sure you have enough water remaining inside the pot of beans /beans stock. 

-now into the pot containing beans and beans stock, add meat and dry fish and cook for 10 mins 

-after 10mins pour in the tomato paste, palm oil and daddawa cook for 20mins. 

-after 20mins add the raw ground groundnuts powder stir and keep cooking, add salt, stock cubes and water if it feels too thick add little water , cook this on low heat for 20mins. 

-after 20mins add moringa leaf and allow to steam on low heat till moringa is soft and tender. 

-serve with tuwon masara, tuwon shinkafa, pounded yam, semovita etc. 

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