Kunun Gyada (Raw groundnuts pap) 

Yet another pap recipe from the north, it’s tasty amazing and very rich.


4 cups dry millet seeds

4 pieces of dry ginger

Half tsp chilli powder.

Half tsp cloves.

3 cups raw kitchen groundnuts (gyadan miya in Hausa).

6 pieces of tamarind (soak in water), when it’s properly soaked soft and discard the chaff.

Sugar to taste.


-remove the millet chaff, add cloves, ginger, and chilli powder,now grind onto soft texture using a dry mill.

-sift and discard the chaff set aside.

-now remove the groundnuts bark, wash with water and grind into smooth running paste.

-in a medium size pot pour in the groundnuts paste, fill up the pot with more water and allow to boil untill it foams and the water starts to dry up.

NB:Remove one cup of millet flour, pour in a wooden calabash, now spray water carefully while shaking the calabash with your hands, it will make tiny balls, use your hands to shape it more. pour the balls into the boiling water, make sure it’s boiling while you pour in and keep boiling till it foams and starts to dry up. PLEASE ignore this procedure if you are not really satisfied with the explanation, this procedure must be done practical, it’s also not necessary in making kunun gyada. Below is a picture of how the balls will look like.

-now using a medium size bucket, mix the tamarind liquid, with the millet powder add more water to make a running paste, stir very well and set aside.

-the boiling water must be ready by now, make sure it foams and also starts to dry up a bit, pour the water into the bucket of millet powder you mixed previously with tamarind, allow to stand for while and stir properly of it feels to thick add little tamarind liquid or water, add sugar and serve.

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