Meat pie

ingredients for the filling 

2 Irish potatoes 

1 carrots 

Minced meat 

1 onion 

5 spoons  vegetable oil 

1 stock cube

1 tsp thyme 

1 tbsp flour 

Quarter cup cold water 

Salt to taste. 

To make the filling 

-peel and boil potatoes till soft, cut into tiny sizes set aside 
-in a non sticky pan add the oil,  onions and stir fry for 2mins. 
-Add the minced meat and stir fry for 4 mins. 
-add stock cubes, thyme, salt to taste and top up with little water. 
-now add the running paste you made from the flour and water, stir. 
-add the Irish potatoes and chopped carrots, cover and allow to cook for 5mins on low heat. 
-after 10mins allow to cool down completely. 

Set this aside and move to making the 
Ingredients for the dough 

Three cups all purpose flour. 
Pinch of salt. 
1/2 tsp baking powder. 
4 tbsp margarine. 
1 whisked egg for wash. 
Procedure to make the dough 
-simply sift the flour in a bowl, add the baking powder,salt and margarine mix properly till well incoperated. 
-now start adding water in bits and slowly and gently mix the dough till you get a thick soft and smooth dough. 
-allow to stand for 5mins. 
-divide the dough into 6 balls. 
-pick each one at a time and flatten on the work top using a rolling pin. 
-roll into flat circles and use a pot cover, press against the flat dough to get an exact circle shape. 
-fill in with the filling , cover from one edge to the other end, pinch the edges with a fork. 

-preheat oven to 170degres before baking. 

-Grease the oven tray with margarine and arrange the pie. 
-bake at 150degres till golden brown. 


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