Gbegiri soup 

This soup has such a great and outstanding aroma and taste, the colour will attract and have you asking for more, this soup needs just a little ingredients and you are set, popular with the yoruba tribe gbegiri is also enjoyed among other natives of Nigeria, Hausa people for example enjoy this soup with tuwon shinkafa.

Let’s look at the recipe


2cups of beans

3 red bell peppers

3 atarodo

1 big onion

3 stock cubes

1 teaspoon potash powder

1 cup palm oil

1 teaspoon iru/daddawa

Salt to taste


-firstly pick, wash and peel the beans, (same method with washing beans used for Akara or moi Moi).

-in a medium sized pot, add 250cl of water, pour in the beans add iru/daddawa, potash, and cook on medium heat.

-cook for about 20mins and add stock cubes and salt to taste.

-roughly blend the red bell pepper, atarodo a onions together set aside.

-in a different pot separately bleach the palm oil/heat the palm oil, add the red bell pepper paste and stir fry for 3mins on medium heat.

-now add the stir fried red bell pepper sauce into the pot of beans.

-using a whisker /kitchen broom, stir vigorously to break the beans even more and keep cooking, add water you feel it will turn out to thick.

-keep cooking till beans is soft and tender.

-when you are satisfied with the thickness. .. Go ahead and enjoy this with amala, ewedu and stew.

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