Plantain Puff Puff 

need something different from the old popular Puff Puff…. Try plantain Puff Puff 


2cups all purpose flour 

1 medium sized overripe plantain 

¹\²tsp nutmeg powder 

2 tsp dry active yeast 

Quarter cup sugar 

2 pinches of salt 

Vegetable oil for deep frying 


-blend plantain with quarter cup of water, blend till very smooth and set aside. 

-mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl, mix very well. 

-now pour in blended plantain into the dry ingredients mix well. 

-add warm water in bits and mix properly, beat using your hands very well  untill you achieve a thick, smooth running paste. 

-cover and allow to rise in a warm place for 1hour. 

-after 1hour it must have double in size bring out and mix well again. 

-heat vegetable oil on medium heat. 

-scoop batter using your hands and keep drooping in hot oil. 

-deep fry till golden brown. 

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