Semovita masa 

If you love masa and can’t reach the ingredients immediately, then try this 

I bring forth this recipe also because of my fellow foodies who finds it hard to get the required original ingredients for Masa, so you too can enjoy masa like a pro… Yeey. 


-3 cups of semovita (liquid peak milk tin cup). 

-800ml warm water 

-2 spoons sugar 

-pinch of salt 

-2 tsp dry active yeast 

-1 Baking powder 

-1 diced onion 

-vegetable oil. 


-in a bowl pour the warm water, yeast, and baking powder, mix properly untill the yeast melt properly. 

-now add the semovita while stiring vigorously. 

-cover and allow to rise in a warm place For 1:30mins. 

-after 1:30mins add the salt, sugar, onion, and little cold water mix properly. 

-now set the masa pan on the cooker, heat on medium heat, add a spoon of vegetable oil . 

-scoop the semovita paste with a kitchen spoon into the holes of masa pan and fry till golden brown, flip to the other side and fry till golden brown also. 

N:B scoop small amount of paste into the pan, beware of you make big scoops it might end up not properly cooked from inside. 

Serve with miyan taushe, vegetable soup, stew, chilli pepper powder, or sugar. 

Plantain fritters 

Do you have many plantains and you think they are going bad, try this recipe and save some cost. 


1 ripe plantain 

3 eggs 

1 medium size red bell pepper 

1 medium size green bell pepper 

Vegetable oil 

Salt to taste 


Step by step guide 


Simply whisk eggs, add veggies, salt to taste, fry plantain,in a non sticky pan add eggs, arrange plantain fry and flip carefully… Enjoy 

Chicken curry sauce 

take a break from stew and try this wonderful chicken sauce…. Recipe coming right up. 


– chicken breast 

-1 string fresh ginger, not dry ginger. 

-2 spoon full corn flour (thickner) 

-little fresh garlic. 

-2 chicken stock cubes. 

-1 spoon 2 spoons curry powder. 

-1 big red bell pepper. 

-1 big green bell pepper. 

-1 big onion. 

-2 carrots. 

Salt to taste. 


-debone chicken breast and cut into long  thin stripes and set aside. 

-if you are using whole chicken, just wash and continue with the steps below. 

-now using your kitchen grater, grate the garlic and ginger with the part with tiny holes and set aside. 

-cut green bell pepper, red bell pepper, onions, and carrots into desired shapes. 

-mix corn flour with little water and set aside. 

-now boil chicken with 100cl of water, grated garlic, ginger, stock cubes,curry,  onions and salt to taste. 

-when chicken is almost done add mixture of corn flour and stir as you pour. 

-stir corn flour mixture untill you are satisfied with the consistency you prefer either thick or watery. 

-add more water if it feels to thick. 

-cook on low heat for 5mins. 

-after 5mins add add carrots and cook for another 4 mins. 

-after 4 mins add the green bell pepper, red bell pepper and onions stir and and off the cooker immediately. 

Best served with rice or spaghetti. 

N:B please double the the portion of each ingredients if you are using whole chicken. 

Sandwich Delight 

Are you looking for something different from our usual sandwich but with a twist try sandwich delight. 


1 tin of sardines 

3 eggs 

2 slices of bread 

Vegetable oil 

Salt to taste 


-mash sardines using a fork. 

-break and whisk eggs add a pinch of salt. 

-heat 3 spoons of vegetable oil in a big non sticky frying pan. 

-now pour eggs evenly on the frying pan to properly cover the pan, tilt the pan in a circular motion so that the eggs go round the pan properly, allow this to fry properly on a low heat. 

-allow eggs to cook properly do not flip yet. 

-while the eggs is still on the pan, spread the sardines in between the slices of bread, and spread more sardines on top of the last layer of bread. 

-now pick both breads and place them at the Centre of the egg, making sure it’s on low heat. 

-now wrap the egg carefully around the bread sitting in the middle of the egg, making sure it completely cover the bread. 

-now carefully turn the sandwich to the other side and allow to steam for 2mins. 

Put of the cooker and serve with tea. 


Egg Rolls(African Scotch-eggs) 

Take big bits out of this crunchy soft egg rolls recipe. 


1 and a quarter cup of flour 

5 eggs 

1/2 tsp yeast 

1/2 tsp nutmeg powder 

Pinch of salt 

2 spoons sugar 

Warm water to knead the dough 


-in a dry bowl add all the dry ingredients together and mix. 

-add warm water in bits until you have a smooth stretchy dough, knead very well. 

-make sure it’s soft and not sticky. 

-allow dough to rest in a warm place for 20 mins. 

-after 20 mins knead dough again. 

-divide dough into 5. 

-pick each dough one at a time, flatten on your palms and stuck in 1 egg. 

-now cover up the egg with the dough properly and smotten with your palms carefully. 

-keep aside and repeat same process for the remaining 4 dough and eggs. 

-heat vegetable oil and drop each egg roll one at a time and fry on low heat till golden brown (frying on low heat gives it time to cook properly). 

NB:do not fry on high heat else you will end up with raw egg rolls from the inside. 

After frying remove excess oil from the egg rolls using a colander.