Chicken curry sauce 

take a break from stew and try this wonderful chicken sauce…. Recipe coming right up. 


– chicken breast 

-1 string fresh ginger, not dry ginger. 

-2 spoon full corn flour (thickner) 

-little fresh garlic. 

-2 chicken stock cubes. 

-1 spoon 2 spoons curry powder. 

-1 big red bell pepper. 

-1 big green bell pepper. 

-1 big onion. 

-2 carrots. 

Salt to taste. 


-debone chicken breast and cut into long  thin stripes and set aside. 

-if you are using whole chicken, just wash and continue with the steps below. 

-now using your kitchen grater, grate the garlic and ginger with the part with tiny holes and set aside. 

-cut green bell pepper, red bell pepper, onions, and carrots into desired shapes. 

-mix corn flour with little water and set aside. 

-now boil chicken with 100cl of water, grated garlic, ginger, stock cubes,curry,  onions and salt to taste. 

-when chicken is almost done add mixture of corn flour and stir as you pour. 

-stir corn flour mixture untill you are satisfied with the consistency you prefer either thick or watery. 

-add more water if it feels to thick. 

-cook on low heat for 5mins. 

-after 5mins add add carrots and cook for another 4 mins. 

-after 4 mins add the green bell pepper, red bell pepper and onions stir and and off the cooker immediately. 

Best served with rice or spaghetti. 

N:B please double the the portion of each ingredients if you are using whole chicken. 

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