Carrots sauce 


2 cups of carrots

5 big plum tomatoes

1 spoon chilli pepper

2 big onions

3 green peppers

1 teaspoon thyme

1 teaspoon curry

2 stock cubes

1\2. Cup vegetable oil


1 cup rice


parboil And cook the rice with salt and set aside.

procedure for carrots sauce

cook the beef\liver with tyme,onions and salt then set aside.

secondly add oil to the pot and add the chopped onions fry for sum seconds and add the chopped tomatoes,chilli peppers and fry for 5mins,add the curry,stock cubes,small salt,add the beef stock and fry for another 10mins while frying add the beef\liver and keep stiring until the water evaporates leaving you with a thick paste,now add the diced carrots and albrinlow to cook on medium heat for 10mins.

Turn off the cooker and add the green peppers,serve with rice.
NB : if you want to make carrots rice, Parboil and cook rice with salt, grate some carrots and add to the cooked rice while it still hot and inside the pot and allow to steam for 5mins. That’s it

Peppered catfish 


1 cat fish (wash properly with warm water and salt), and cut into desired shapes. 

1 string fresh ginger 

Fresh garlic 

15 pieces red bell pepper 

1 big onion 

4 stock cubes 

Salt to taste 

5 tbsp vegetable oil 

Curry leaves 

Chopped spring onions 


Firstly roughly blend the red bell peppers with the onion (i used small mortar and pestle to blend the red bell peppers) 

Using a grater, grate the fresh ginger, and garlic set aside. 

-in a medium sized pot, add the red bell pepper paste into the pot, add the vegetable oil, grated ginger and garlic, stock cubes, salt to taste,and stir fry for 5mins , after 5mins add 1 cup of water and the catfish, cook until the catfish is halfway done then add  curry leaves, spring onions and allow to cook untill the catfish is soft to your taste, if you feel a cup of water won’t be enough add a little, making sure that the stock inside the pot is thick.