Efo riro soup 


Pomo/kpomo /cowskin. 

Small bunch of spinach /vegetables /alayyaho /efo vegetables etc. 

Small bunch of spring onions 

7 big red bell peppers /tatashe. 

2 big onions 

1 big smoked fish 

3 stock cubes 

Half cup palm oil 

Salt to taste 


-cook cowskin with little salt till soft drain and set aside. 

-roughly blend tatashe and onions together i used mortar and pestle for this kind of blending but feel free to use a blender.  

-chop spring onions wash and allow to drain. 

-chop vegetables /spinach /alayyaho Also wash properly to remove sand particles drain and pour into a medium sized bowl. 

-boil some water and add into the bowl containing vegetable, Cover and allow to steam for 5mins, drain and set aside. 

-in a medium sized pot, add palm oil and bleach, pour the tatashe paste and fry on low heat untill the oil start appearing on top, feel free to add more oil if you like oily soup. 

-add stock cubes, spring onions, pomo/cowskin and salt to taste Stir and allow to simmer for 7 mins on low heat. 

-after 7mins add well deboned smoked fish be sure you removed the bones properly, add steamed vegetable stir and allow to simmer for 5mins. 

-serve with pounded yam, semovita, eba etc. 

NB :you can add meat of choice simply boil meat along side the cowskin, drain and add. 

Scotch-eggs /flakes chicken 

Scotch-eggs (corn flakes) used 

Ground sausage

White pepper 



5 eggs 

Corn flakes (ground) 


-Boil 3 eggs and whisk 2 eggs set aside. 

-now coat egg with flour. 

-season sausage with white pepper, scoop average amount of sausage in your palms and wrap sausage to cover eggs (wrap carefully and set side) 

-dip in whisked eggs. 

-coat in ground corn flakes. 

-toss in vegetable and fry on both sides till golden brown. 

      Flakes chicken 

Season and boil chicken, allow to cool down. 

-dip in whisked eggs. 

-coat with ground corn flakes. 

-toss in hot vegetable oil and fry on both sides till golden brown.



3 cups white rice (soaked) 

1 and a half  cup white rice (cook till tender) 

1  tsp baking powder 

1 spoon dry active yeast 

2 spoons sugar 

1 diced onion. 


-Soak 3 cups of  white rice for 2-3 hours 

-cook 1and a half  cup of rice till tender, allow to cool down completely in a tray. 

-after 3 hours of soaking combine cooked rice with soaked rice and blend /grind into a smooth running(not watery)  Paste. 

– mix yeast with little warm water and add to rice paste. 

-add baking powder. 

– if necessary add  water to preferred thickness,(you should get something more thicker than pancake). 

– mix all the above very well cover and allow to rise in a warm place for 3 hours or more. 

-after 3 hours bring out, it will have double sized, add sugar salt to taste diced onion and fry in masa pan using oil. 

-heat the masa pan, add little oil, scoop paste using a kitchen spoon into masa holes. 

-allow to fry on low medium heat, flip to the other side carefully, untill both sides turns deep golden brown. 

-please use medium amount of heat to avoid burning and sticking to masa pan. 

NB:kitchen tips regarding masa pan 

1-do not wash masa pan with metal sponge 

2-wash masa pan a day before using it. 

3-use oil around masa holes all through while frying to avoid sticking. 

Kunun Shinkafa (rice pap) 

2 and half cup of White rice

2 cups raw kitchen groundnuts

5 strands of tamarind

1 strand ginger

Little cloves

Sugar to taste


-Soak tamarind for 3 hours sieve and discard the residue.

-Soak rice for 2hours.

-Soak groundnuts also for 2hours.

-After 2 hours wash groundnuts, and peel the back, set aside.

-wash rice also, add ginger and cloves to rice and blend to a very smooth paste add water while blending.

-blend groundnuts also into a smooth running Paste.

-sieve groundnuts paste and discard chaff, and add more water to preferred thickness.

-set groundnuts paste to boil in a medium sized pot, boil untill the contents starts to dry up.

-while the groundnuts paste is boiling prepare the rice paste, to prepare the rice paste simply mix tamarind mixture with rice paste in a big bowl.

-now pour the groundnuts paste into the the bowl containing groundnuts paste allow for seconds and stir vigorously.

-add more tamarind mixture if it feels to thick.

-add sugar to taste and serve hot.