Kunun Shinkafa (rice pap) 


2 and half cup of White rice 

2 cups raw kitchen groundnuts 

5 strands of tamarind 

1 strand ginger 

Little cloves 

Sugar to taste 


-Soak tamarind for 3 hours sieve and discard the residue. 

-Soak rice for 2hours. 

-Soak groundnuts also for 2hours. 

-After 2 hours wash groundnuts, and peel the back, set aside. 

-wash rice also, add ginger and cloves to rice and blend to a very smooth paste add water while blending. 

-blend groundnuts also into a smooth running Paste. 

-sieve groundnuts paste and discard chaff, and add more water to preferred thickness. 

-set groundnuts paste to boil in a medium sized pot, boil untill the contents starts to dry up. 

-while the groundnuts paste is boiling prepare the rice paste, to prepare the rice paste simply mix tamarind mixture with rice paste in a big bowl. 

-now pour the groundnuts paste into the the bowl containing groundnuts paste allow for seconds and stir vigorously. 

-add more tamarind mixture if it feels to thick. 

-add sugar to taste and serve hot. 



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