How to make cassava flour /alabo /elibo /lafun 

How it’s made 

Cassava flour /alabo /elibo/lafun etc 

I tried making cassava flour myself and with the help of my grandmother. 

        Here was how it went. 

 – peel the cassava tubers 

-wash cassava 

-Soak Cassava in water for 4 – 8days maximum so it get fermented. 

-how to understand that it’s fully fermented  (simply press with your fingertips, if your fingers penetrate the cassava then it’s fermented , it will look soft and very white,another way is when it has fully fermented, the cassava will float on top of the water, it will also look bigger and fluffy compared to when it was not soaked. 

-drain in a colander properly. 

-pour into a mortar and pound Till roughly soft. 

-place in a colander, Cover and place a stone on top of the cover and allow to drain over night (the stone will help in pressing the water out), let it stand for a day. 

-after that sundry properly, let it dry properly (it took us 3 days to get it dried because it raining every day over here so yours might take just a day). 

-when you are sure it’s dried add into a mortar and pound (the pounding break the lumps in the cassava flour thereby making it easy for the dry mill to turn into powder). 

-make it into powder form using a dry mill. 

-sieve and discard chaff after grinding and it’s ready for use. 

Check for more recipes concerning home mades….. I hope this inspire some one

Pictures making of cassava flour. 

Best paired with draw soup 

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