Kunun Shinkafa (rice pap) 

2 and half cup of White rice

2 cups raw kitchen groundnuts

5 strands of tamarind

1 strand ginger

Little cloves

Sugar to taste


-Soak tamarind for 3 hours sieve and discard the residue.

-Soak rice for 2hours.

-Soak groundnuts also for 2hours.

-After 2 hours wash groundnuts, and peel the back, set aside.

-wash rice also, add ginger and cloves to rice and blend to a very smooth paste add water while blending.

-blend groundnuts also into a smooth running Paste.

-sieve groundnuts paste and discard chaff, and add more water to preferred thickness.

-set groundnuts paste to boil in a medium sized pot, boil untill the contents starts to dry up.

-while the groundnuts paste is boiling prepare the rice paste, to prepare the rice paste simply mix tamarind mixture with rice paste in a big bowl.

-now pour the groundnuts paste into the the bowl containing groundnuts paste allow for seconds and stir vigorously.

-add more tamarind mixture if it feels to thick.

-add sugar to taste and serve hot.

Zobo Drink


This is a nutritious drink made from zobo leaves.


2cups zobo leaves.
1 big cucumbers.
1 whole pineapple.
2 pieces of fresh ginger.

-Wash the zobo leaves and set aside.
-Peel the pineapple do not discard the pineapple bark/coat.
-Cut the ginger into tiny sizes.
-Now in a medium sized pot add the zobo leaves the pineapple bark and ginger,fill up the pot with water and start boiling on high heat until the water starts to dry up.
-Allow to cool down completely.
-Now grate the pineapple and cucumber into the pot containing the zobo liquid.
-After grating sieve and discard the chaff.
-Add sugar to desired amount, add ice cubes/refrigerate and enjoy.

Cashew Fruits Juice


Cashew dey market ooo (in season), do you know that cashew fruits is rich in nutrients and contains 5 times more vitamin c than oranges, it also burns excess fat in the body. I made sure I picked sweet over ripe Cashew for this juice, if you don’t like the astringent taste you can boil it in hot water with salt for 5mins, or steam the cashew fruits for 5mins, or soak in gelatin solution before blending …

5 over ripe sweet Cashews.
1 cup of cold water.
ice cubes.

remove the cashew nuts/wash and blend the cashew with 1cup of cold water.
blend till very smooth.
sieve  and add sugar and ice cubes.
Enjoy NB : I did not use sugar in this recipe but am sure some people likes sugar

Mixed Fruits Juice


When the weather is tough, make some mixed fruits juice and chill….

1/2 medium sized water melon.
1/2 medium sized pineapple.
1 cup of cold water.
1 piece fresh ginger.
ice cubes.


Wash the water melon,pick out seeds wash the pineapple and peel.
Now place the ginger, water Melon, pineapple in a blender or food processor add the cold water blend to extract the juice
Sieve add ice cubes and serve

Kunun Aya (Tiger Nuts juice)


This is one of my favorite drinks,its nutritious and delicious with a perfect combination of natural ingredients,this is an easy going recipe with the main ingredient been tiger nuts will keep you asking for more.


  •  4 cups tiger nuts.
  • 2 cup dry dates.
  • 1 whole coconuts (cut into chunks).
  • 1 tsp vanilla flavour powder.
  • sugar .
  • 2 pieces of ginger.
  • ice cubes.


  • soak tiger nuts with water over night.
  • soak dates in water over night also.
  • in the morning wash the tiger nuts and pick out stones,drain and set aside.
  • wash dates and remove the seeds set aside.
  • mix the tiger nuts,dates,coconut, and ginger together blend/grind till very smooth.
  • sieve using a siever with tiny holes ,discard the chaff and add more water to desired thickness.
  • add sugar,vanilla flavour stir properly.
  • add ice cubes or refrigerate before use