Sausage Bread Rolls

Looking for what to have for breakfast? Look no further


1 cup all purpose flour

1 tbsp melted butter

1 whisked egg divide into 2 half for egg wash.

Half tbsp salt

1/4 cup warm milk

1/2 tbsp sugar

1/2 tbsp yeast

5 pieces of sausage (cook for 6mins on high heat).


Dissolve yeast in milk, and mix for yeast test.

Mix butter and eggs .

In a clean big bowl mix all above ingredients together mix and add flour,add salt,yeast, sugar knead and transfer to a work top knead for 5mins…

Allow to rest and rise in a warm place for 40mins.

After 40mins

Divide into 5 equal parts,roll into long thread though,pick sausage one at a time and wrap the dough around the sausage in a snake like manner ūüėĄ.

Grease tray and arrange on a baking tray,egg wash with half remaining egg and allow to rise for another 30mins.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and bake for 20mins.





8 cups flour /1mudu 

2 sachet margarine (simas) 500g 

3 cups full sugar 

2 tbsp full baking powder 

10big eggs 


-in a big bowl cream margarine and sugar for 30mins or more using an electric mixer or a wooden spoon if you don’t have an electric mixer. 

-add eggs stir to combine properly, mix very well for 3mins  

-add flour and baking powder at same time and stir well while staring add a cup of water. 

-combine well, set aside. 

-rub margarine on small cupcakes pan. 

-preheat oven to 180degress. 

-using a small spoon scoop 2 spoon full of cake batter into cupcakes tin. 

-arrange in in the oven and bake till lightly browned. 

With this you should be able to get 40 to 50pieces cupcakes. 

Golden puff puff 


 2 and half cups of flour. 

2 spoons of Yeast 

 sugar to taste i normally add half cup of sugar or more it depends on whether you like sugar or not. 

Luke warm water 

Vegetable oil for deep frying. 

Pinch of salt. 


Mix all dry ingredients together mix properly, now add Luke warm water bits by bits carefully untill u make a smooth running Paste, it should be thicker than pancake batter. Cover and allow to rise in a warm place for 45mins.

After 45mins heat some vegetable oil the vegetable should be much in such a way that when you drop balls of Puff Puff it should float in the oil freely. 

Now scoop some batter into the oil with your hands by squeezing out the batter from between your thumb and index finger this will make the Puff Puff round and spherical shape, fry on medium heat till both sides turn brown, turn at intervals.



-half mudu flour (8 tin milk can is a mudu) 

-half tsp salt 

-cup of sugar. 

-vegetable oil for deep frying. 

Mix the above ingredients with cold water (add the ingredients into a small rubber paint and add water half way, so the water should be half a small rubber paint). Mix very well till no visible clumps please be careful while mixing so it doesn’t turn watery. 

-heat vegetable oil in a deep frying pan. 

-now dip the tip of the metal used in making this snack into hot oil untill very hot, remove from the hot oil and immediately dip into the rubber containing paste, it will automatically scoop some, remove immediately again and did into hot oil and shake very well so the paste drops into the oil, fry in both sides while you leave the metal in the hot oil, it should be completely immersed in hot oil through out the process. 

Drain in a colander, allow to cool down and enjoy.

Scotch-eggs /flakes chicken 

Scotch-eggs (corn flakes) used 

Ground sausage

White pepper 



5 eggs 

Corn flakes (ground) 


-Boil 3 eggs and whisk 2 eggs set aside. 

-now coat egg with flour. 

-season sausage with white pepper, scoop average amount of sausage in your palms and wrap sausage to cover eggs (wrap carefully and set side) 

-dip in whisked eggs. 

-coat in ground corn flakes. 

-toss in vegetable and fry on both sides till golden brown. 

      Flakes chicken 

Season and boil chicken, allow to cool down. 

-dip in whisked eggs. 

-coat with ground corn flakes. 

-toss in hot vegetable oil and fry on both sides till golden brown.



3 cups white rice (soaked) 

1 and a half  cup white rice (cook till tender) 

1  tsp baking powder 

1 spoon dry active yeast 

2 spoons sugar 

1 diced onion. 


-Soak 3 cups of  white rice for 2-3 hours 

-cook 1and a half  cup of rice till tender, allow to cool down completely in a tray. 

-after 3 hours of soaking combine cooked rice with soaked rice and blend /grind into a smooth running(not watery)  Paste. 

– mix yeast with little warm water and add to rice paste. 

-add baking powder. 

– if necessary add  water to preferred thickness,(you should get something more thicker than pancake). 

– mix all the above very well cover and allow to rise in a warm place for 3 hours or more. 

-after 3 hours bring out, it will have double sized, add sugar salt to taste diced onion and fry in masa pan using oil. 

-heat the masa pan, add little oil, scoop paste using a kitchen spoon into masa holes. 

-allow to fry on low medium heat, flip to the other side carefully, untill both sides turns deep golden brown. 

-please use medium amount of heat to avoid burning and sticking to masa pan. 

NB:kitchen tips regarding masa pan 

1-do not wash masa pan with metal sponge 

2-wash masa pan a day before using it. 

3-use oil around masa holes all through while frying to avoid sticking. 

Sandwich Delight 

Are you looking for something different from our usual sandwich but with a twist try sandwich delight. 


1 tin of sardines 

3 eggs 

2 slices of bread 

Vegetable oil 

Salt to taste 


-mash sardines using a fork. 

-break and whisk eggs add a pinch of salt. 

-heat 3 spoons of vegetable oil in a big non sticky frying pan. 

-now pour eggs evenly on the frying pan to properly cover the pan, tilt the pan in a circular motion so that the eggs go round the pan properly, allow this to fry properly on a low heat. 

-allow eggs to cook properly do not flip yet. 

-while the eggs is still on the pan, spread the sardines in between the slices of bread, and spread more sardines on top of the last layer of bread. 

-now pick both breads and place them at the Centre of the egg, making sure it’s on low heat. 

-now wrap the egg carefully around the bread sitting in the middle of the egg, making sure it completely cover the bread. 

-now carefully turn the sandwich to the other side and allow to steam for 2mins. 

Put of the cooker and serve with tea. 


Egg Rolls(African Scotch-eggs) 

Take big bits out of this crunchy soft egg rolls recipe. 


1 and a quarter cup of flour 

5 eggs 

1/2 tsp yeast 

1/2 tsp nutmeg powder 

Pinch of salt 

2 spoons sugar 

Warm water to knead the dough 


-in a dry bowl add all the dry ingredients together and mix. 

-add warm water in bits until you have a smooth stretchy dough, knead very well. 

-make sure it’s soft and not sticky. 

-allow dough to rest in a warm place for 20 mins. 

-after 20 mins knead dough again. 

-divide dough into 5. 

-pick each dough one at a time, flatten on your palms and stuck in 1 egg. 

-now cover up the egg with the dough properly and smotten with your palms carefully. 

-keep aside and repeat same process for the remaining 4 dough and eggs. 

-heat vegetable oil and drop each egg roll one at a time and fry on low heat till golden brown (frying on low heat gives it time to cook properly). 

NB:do not fry on high heat else you will end up with raw egg rolls from the inside. 

After frying remove excess oil from the egg rolls using a colander. 


Plantain Puff Puff 

need something different from the old popular Puff Puff…. Try plantain Puff Puff 


2cups all purpose flour 

1 medium sized overripe plantain 

¬Ļ\¬≤tsp nutmeg powder 

2 tsp dry active yeast 

Quarter cup sugar 

2 pinches of salt 

Vegetable oil for deep frying 


-blend plantain with quarter cup of water, blend till very smooth and set aside. 

-mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl, mix very well. 

-now pour in blended plantain into the dry ingredients mix well. 

-add warm water in bits and mix properly, beat using your hands very well  untill you achieve a thick, smooth running paste. 

-cover and allow to rise in a warm place for 1hour. 

-after 1hour it must have double in size bring out and mix well again. 

-heat vegetable oil on medium heat. 

-scoop batter using your hands and keep drooping in hot oil. 

-deep fry till golden brown. 

Meat pie

ingredients for the filling

2 Irish potatoes

1 carrots

Minced meat

1 onion

5 spoons vegetable oil

1 stock cube

1 tsp thyme

1 tbsp flour

Quarter cup cold water

Salt to taste.

To make the filling

-peel and boil potatoes till soft, cut into tiny sizes set aside
-in a non sticky pan add the oil, onions and stir fry for 2mins.
-Add the minced meat and stir fry for 4 mins.
-add stock cubes, thyme, salt to taste and top up with little water.
-now add the running paste you made from the flour and water, stir.
-add the Irish potatoes and chopped carrots, cover and allow to cook for 5mins on low heat.
-after 10mins allow to cool down completely.

Set this aside and move to making the
Ingredients for the dough

500g flour
Pinch of salt
250g margarine
1/4 cup cold water
1 tsp baking powder
-simply sift the flour in a bowl, add the baking powder,salt and margarine mix properly till well incoperated.
-now start adding water in bits and slowly and gently mix the dough till you get a thick soft and smooth dough.
-allow to stand for 5mins.
-divide dough into balls.
-pick each one at a time and flatten on the work top using a rolling pin.
-roll into flat circles and use a pot cover, press against the flat dough to get an exact circle shape.
-fill in with the filling , cover from one edge to the other end, pinch the edges with a fork.

-preheat oven to 170degres before baking.

-Grease the oven tray with margarine and arrange the pie.
-bake at 150degres till golden brown.